Cherry Bloosoms

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Homecoming Party

We surprised Adam with a homecoming party on July 1st. He thought we were just going over to celebrate my dad's birthday (June28th), but when he drove up, he saw all the cars on the street and said, "Who's house is that?" I laughed and said, "haha, Sorry honey. I love you." Adam goes, "Is that my dad?! What's he doing here?! And Shelby too?! ha." And those sweet eyes of his misted up and got all red. We had about 40-50 friends and family. Thanks for taking pictures Mrs. Pat!
And here is a picture of Adam when we first got back to our house from outprocessing in Gulfport. Lots of smiles :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's been waaaayy too long

I have not posted since the end of May. Wow! Summer flew by.
-school ended
-trip to the mountains
- getting ready for Adam to come home
-going to get Adam in MS!!!
-family came in town for the 4th
-long road trip out west
-hand surgery
-Adam's new job
-job searching
.....did I forget something? Oh, the reintegration phase. Well, that part of deployment is just now hitting as we have slowed down and gotten in a routine of things.

Thus, I have had time to read, clean and get stuff done. I have decided to update my book list, so check it out on the top tab!!! and post the rest of my new year 2011 resolutions to resolve.
We'll see how it goes.