Cherry Bloosoms

A Year to Resolve: 2011

To resolve is: "to make decision: to come to a firm decision about something, to find a solution to a problem, to bring a disagreement to an end , to dispel doubts or anxieties , or to change into something else."
"O! that this too too solid flesh would melt, Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew" (William Shakespeare's Hamlet )

Goals are much more attainable if presented in shorter time spans. At least that's what I think. This year, I resolve to:
   1. work out 3x a week  (week 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5: check!)
   2. get the tree stump ground down DONE
   1. drink 2 glasses of water a day  (Coming along pretty well!)
   2. blog 2x a week (week 1, 2; 3 & 4: check!)
   1. do a devotional everyday (I'm keeping up!)
   2. journal 1x a week (week 1 & 2: check)
   3. fixing the roof  DONE!
   1. no gossiping (Oops. I forgot about this one most of the time, but I tried when I remembered.)
   2. *this one's a secret* I love my sailor! (The first idea bombed, so I'm just getting started w/ a new one.)
   1. get organized 2x a week (Didn't happen but I tried on the weekends.)
   2. no caffine (I did back off some and will continue to work on it.)
   1. no smacking my food (I'm told, I did well.)
   2. no interrupting others (Did well, and am continuing to work on it.)
   1. spend as much time as possible with Adam! Check!!!!! :)
   2. hang something on the walls in the living room (I bought 2 paintings but they are not hung yet; does that count?)
   1. read a book other than my book club book (Currently reading The Help)
   2. do something/publish our Grand Teton/Yellowstone trip pictures
   1. start learning spanish
   2. begin organizing deployment scrapbook
   1. finish deployment scrapbook

"Determination: firmness of purpose"