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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friends and family lunch

Making taboleeh is no piece of cake. However, I now have a greater appreciation for all of those who have made it for our holiday lunches in the past, or food festivals or Tuesday night dinners for that matter. What is a lunch at Aunt Tricia's on Easter, Christmas or Thanksgiving with out taboleeh? Incomplete. Let's just hope mine turns out alright!
That's A LOT of onions. What do you do with left over green onion? I'm taking suggestions.
Parsley from the backyard. That's A LOT of parsley!! Next time, I'll take a before and after picture of the bush. And the best part was what I used for outdoor lighting to pick it tonight.....think "Waterboy."
Packed and ready to go for tomorrow. All but the dressing is made and chopped (minus Aunt Tricia's fresh mint). Don't worry, there are 4 more lemons for the juice.

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