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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall is Here....or is it?

Today reached 90 degrees and it's gonna stay the same for the next few days! It's hard to beleive fall is here. There is a beautiful firey orange-red maple at the top of our street that screams, "It's fall, it's here! Look at me!" However, our maple has barely started changing and my Japanese maples look more brown than red. What was a cool week last week and earlier this week, has turned back around. No more early cups of cocoa for me.

Fall is here and it's approaching fast. Halloween is just around the corner and I cannot wait to dress up. My mom always taught me to just decorate and have fun with holidays, secular or religious. Nothing to serious, I just buy pumpkins and squash for the table and send a cute "batty" card or two. It's really just a day to be a kid again-dress-up and candy! What's better than that? It's really great if the weather is "fallish" too on Oct. 31st. The cool night air and crunching of the leaves and acorns beneath the feet of excitement, excites me too!!!

Welcome Fall!

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  1. I can just smell the fall air and hear the leaves crunching when I read your blog entry! What will be your costume?