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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I have a crush on.....

So, do you remember having crushes on who you thought was soooo cute way back when in middle school and high school, oh and even as early as 4th grade? Oh, the good 'ole days when you could just look and dream, wonder and awe. Nothing they did was ever wrong and you always thought you'd end up with them. Oh, you just KNEW you'd end up with hit. Life of another deciding to like them before they asked you out, life of them never noticing you, life of the dreadful horrible no good really bad hair days.

Well, life hits and I now have a crush again as I am now in my nearing-30 season of life. Deployment is life and it hits strong. Some days I feel as though I have a crush again, on my husband. Other days, I feel as though I have a crush on a permanent pen pal that I know I will end up with, and that I know has NEVER done anything wrong. hehe. I look in awe and wonder into an oblivion, in my dreams, while walking down the halls at work, while in the middle of a yoga pose and most definitely while driving. It can be numbing. Mind-manipulating and even soul-quieting.

But what I do KNOW is that this too shall pass. I am in love with my crush, my sailor, my Adam.

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