Cherry Bloosoms

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"That's Why."

"I hate this."

"I can't do it."

"Why me, why us, why now?"

As I fight the tears of my 1/2 bad Tuesday, I literally see and hear the answer. Thank you God!

....I used to LOVE Tuesdays. I'd brag about how that was my favorite day of the week for the longest time. For some reason, I've always had Bible studies, small groups, just something going on that day that just put me in the best mood or I'd look forward to it for whatever reason. Since Adam's deployment, Tuesdays have been my emotional days. Odd-I know. Today was no exception.....

The wind gusted outside like no other. Thank you God! As I leaned up from reclining on the couch, I peered through my watery eyes and to the foyer and out the small front door windows to see our hanging American flag flapping vigorously in the wind. Usually it blows the other way towards the window, but not tonight. I see it now-still flying high all 50 stars and 13 stripes.

"You can do this."

"I can do this."

"For freedom."

"Be free in Me."

"I love you."

"He loves you."

....and "That's why!"

"Blessed is the Nation whose GOD is LORD...." Psalm 33:12


  1. Big hugs to you, Valerie! I admire you and Adam so much!

  2. Thanks Susan. Today was better. That mug was done at Painted BYU. So fun. Heard you and Caroline were meeting up in DC! Fun!