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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

60s and Sunny: A Saving Christmas

It's amazing what it can take to put you back in the spirit. I mean the "right" spirit of Christmas. What is the trun meaning of Christmas and how it saves us? Christ came into this world as a child without a care in the world. Not to do lists, need to buy lists, what to bake or make lists. Those cares have cluttered the real meaning of Christmas for me every now and then. It takes a few minutes on a sunny December day in Alabama with 60 degree temps to make me slow down and really meditate on what matters. Being with family, friends and loved ones and knowing that Christ has saved me from my sins saves me this holiday season from the hustle and bustle of getting stuff done, shopping and traffic chaos that Christmas can sometimes bring about.

Don't you just love getting the chance to sit and savor the season?! Ah, the rocking chair, the patio and Tocca!

P.S. Now it really would be peace on earth...or at least in my backyard...if those two turtle doves would stop hogging the feeder and share with the cute little finches and the brightest cardinal I've seen in a while. Adam I think I'll name him....Adam.

P.S.S. I have also saved my berry decorations by using dark red nail polish to hide the styrofoam spots! Ingenious, I know.

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