Cherry Bloosoms

Saturday, December 18, 2010

HE never fails

It never fails. Just when....

Just when I get out for break, early at that,
I hit shopping traffic on the way home.

Just when I decide to host folks in my house,
it never fails that I have a lack of motivation to clean.

Just when I decide to give Adam's truck a spin,
it never fails that something goes wrong (the battery died this time).

Just when I remove Levon's dog bone from the garden,
does he go in looking for it only to tear up the tomato posts.
And just after I get the truck fixed,
does he jump in the front seat instead of the back.

Just when I have the motivation again to clean the inside,
do I have to work on the outside of the house instead.

Just when I've had some good days and am going strong,
it never fails that I lose strength and shed a tear, or a few.

Just when I think I'm alone and have decided it's not all about "I,"
it never fails that God decides to show up somewhere.

He never fails me. I just have to get away from all the "I's" to realize it.

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  1. This is a great post, Valerie. Thanks for reminding all of us what is important.