Cherry Bloosoms

Friday, February 4, 2011

Changing of the Tides

I finally took down the tree tonight. And I must admit, the tears were not withheld. Even though we made it through the holidays, I was just not ready to take it down yet. Having the tree up seemed more sentimental this year and I really love my/our ornaments. They remind me of places we've been and things that are special and dear to us.

The days have a new feeling to them now. We are HALF WAY THROUGH the deployment!!!! woohoo!!!! . I am trying to stay positive as I know my Adam will be coming home soon. I can see it in sight. It's about to be high gear start preparing for de-deployment mode....whatever that is....maybe that's what I'm feeling.

I really miss my kiddos that I had this fall at school. They just made my day. I really appreciated them while I was there but it's just a different perspective when you step out of where you were and look back in at what you left. I had to leave someones and something great. I would never have left, given the choice though.


  1. I still have my tree up...just can not seem to bring myself to take it down yet...I will get there (maybe)

    Yay for being half way down! Great feeling to have the end in sight ;) Re-deployment brings a lot of emotions.