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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not that domesticated

So, I'm not as domesticated as you would think....ah...hold on a sec as I just remembered I have cooling bread in a pan that needs to come out!

"What do I take it out with and put it on," I just exclaimed and reached for a short spatula and a salad plate. Um, well I got a bigger plate and tried really hard not to let it break in the middle. Oh, and the best part I can brag about is remembering that we have a bread knife. MMMMMMM!!! It's yummy!

So I've decided to get back to cooking more and to try things out of my Rosie the Riveter Celebration Cookbook. We got it down in Montevallo last Memorial Day when we heard some "Rosies" speak. How great they are to have done what they did.....mmm new thought...a new blog on going through the cookbook and the war here on the homefront from a not-so-rosie perspective. Verdicts anyone??

Oh, and did you know that the MINDFULL can be MINDLESS? Yes, I completely washed a load of darks without putting in detergent and realized it as I was putting in my second load today. Oh my gosh! Where was I? I think I was focused on making banana bread, working on my resume and everything else in between.

And to cap it off, this not so domesticated diva pulled out the soft scrub to clean the sink and it was solid. What? Yes, solid. I watered it down because who needs all those strong chemicals anyways. Well, it didn't work. Back to the baking soda and vinegar.

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  1. I had the banana bread. Two thumbs WAY UP! (especially with hot chocolate on a snowy day)