Cherry Bloosoms

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Little did we know

These two trees mean a lot to me. I have walked under them in the spring, summer, fall and winter; bare, full of toilet paper, shading the sun from my heat-stricken body, or covering the ever so lightly falling rain. So I was totally shocked and taken aback by the recent incident of the twin oaks on Toomer's Corner. I will never look at them the same. I actually grieved, yes, grieved a sad sad day when I heard the news of them possibily not making it. And this is in all seriousness.

I took the previous picture on Jan. 22nd without knowing why they looked so bare. Was it because all the hype from the recent national championship was 3 blocks away in Jordan-Hare Stadium at that exact moment anticipating the next rolling of Toomer's, or did the oaks just seem to be lacking something? We know now, unfortunately.

All I have to say is Bodda getta bodda getta bodda getta bah, rah-rah-rah, sis-boom-bah! Weegle, weegle War damn Eagle! Kick 'em in the butt big blue! Hey!
Oh, and WAR EAGLE!!

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  1. I just got your comment. Yes, I am doing Tour of Duty, but I'm going a little slower than everybody else. I am currently in Alabama. I've been here just about a year since my husband deployed last year. We are technically stationed at Fort Drum, NY. Where are you located? You can email me if you want. I'm just outside of Huntsville. Oh, and uh... ROLL TIDE!! LOL I still can't believe that about the trees. So stupid of someone.